International Sushi Day – 18 June – Dinner only


 In a case of if you can’t beat them, join them, Melba Restaurant has joined the global food movement of celebrating specific foods on certain days.

“We noticed that there was almost a world or national day for so many of our favourite foods that we decided to join in and have a two month line-up of food specific days during the winter months of June and July. Who wouldn’t love a day to satisfy their craving for tapas, sushi, fried chicken, chocolate, fries or lamingtons,” observed The Langham, Melbourne’s executive chef, Deepak Mishra. “These special events are the perfect excuse to indulge in your much-loved dishes,” adds Mishra.

To celebrate International Sushi Day, Melba is taking their sushi station to the next level and introducing eel and avocado deep fried sushi rolls, seven spice tempura prawn inside out roll with yuzu mayonnaise, toro tuna tartare and avocado sushi, miso-marinated toothfish with hajikami ginger and spanner crab sushi with sea urchin and miso sauce.