June Dinner Features


Tuesday 19th June
Grilled lobster with chilli butter
Grilled lobster with coriander and ginger sauce
Grilled lobster without sauce
Spit roasted lamb and chomolia
Grilled fillet of pacific salmon with blood orange and dill
Spanner crab sushi with sea urchin miso sauce
Pork sui mai
Mandarin meringue tart
Sicilian Tiramisu
Dark chocolate and orange fountain

Wednesday 20th June
Baked lobster with forest mushrooms and gruyere
Braised brisket of wagyu beef with spicy adobo sauce
Open face sushi miso marinated salmon with sliced hajikami ginger
Kerala style lobster curry
Roast chicken with duck fat kipfler potatoes
Raspberry, lemon and orange lamingtons
Passionfruit and strawberry pavlovas
White chocolate and strawberry fountain

Thursday 21st June
Singaporean Laksa
Chilli plum pork ribs
Chicken souvlaki
Kingfish marinated with fresh wasabi tarter
Confit duck with du puy lentils
Chocolate opera
Mango and passionfruit verrines
Apple pie
Peach crumble
Bread & butter pudding
Dark chocolate and White chocolate fountain

Friday 22nd June
Cheese fondue with potato rosti  station
Prawns Tempura sushi
Truffle and parmesan fries
Country style pork and cotechino sausage stew with borlotti beans
Rigatoni with ratatoulie and grano padano
BBQ Lilydale chicken with brushed tomato chutney
Raspberry and mascarpone verrines
White chocolate hazelnut tarts
Strawberry and Orange fountain

Saturday 23rd June
Aged sirloin of beef with jus gras
Shanghai dumplings
Harissa chicken wings
Stir fried prawns with soy ginger sauce
Grilled fillet of pacific salmon with Thai red curry sauce
Caramel donuts
White chocolate rice crispy donuts
Live waffle station with Callabuet cocoa waffles – rich Belgian chocolate made crispy with a hint of Cointreau
Orange and milk chocolate fountain

Sunday 24th June
Seafood paella
Greek lamb souvlaki
Pork sui mai
Roast Gippsland beef
Yorkshire pudding
Squid ink linguini with calamari and heirloom tomatoes
Cinnamon crème brûlée
Black forest verrines
Spanish Churro station
White chocolate and dark chocolate fountain

Monday 25th June
Oysters Kilpatrick
Baked coffin bay oysters with chimichuri sauce
charred grilled Field mushrooms burger, Pesto aioli, lettuce, tomato and cheese on brioche bun.
Osso bucco mash potato with bone marrow
Slow-cooked lamb shanks
Conchiglie with cream, mushroom and Swiss chard
Raspberry and mascarpone trifle
Salted caramel éclairs
White chocolate and strawberry fountain

Tuesday 26th June
Grilled lobster with mango and coriander salsa
Grilled lobster with saffron beurre blanc
Grilled lobster without sauce
Aburi Wagyu nigiri
Steamed snapper with gai lan, chestnuts and oyster sauce
Hyderabadi Chicken biryani
Slow braised pork belly
Milk chocolate and passion éclairs
Mascarpone and strawberry tart
Dark chocolate and orange fountain

Wednesday, 27th June
Baked lobster thermidor au cocotte
Rotisserie chicken
Bengali style fish curry
Beef bourguignon with pommes puree
Morton Bay bugs and prawn dumplings
Salted caramel tarts with popcorn
Espresso tarts
White chocolate and strawberry fountain

Thursday 28th June
Chinese BBQ glazed beef ribs
Chicken dumpling with laksa sauce
Lamb galawati kebab
Shanghai dumplings
Orecchiette with broccoli, anchovy, garlic and chilli, lemon crumb
Baileys Irish cream crème brûlée
Raspberry and sea salt cheesecake
Apple pie
Cinnamon and chocolate pudding
Peach crumble
Dark chocolate and White chocolate fountain

Friday 29th June
Raquelette station
Prawns Tempura sushi with Japanese mayo
Za’atar fries and
Mediterranean style roast lamb
Tataki of tuna with ponzu vinaigrette
Braised wallabies and quandong stew with grilled peach
Wok Singapore chilli crab
Chocolate and cream cheesecake
Mandarin meringue tart
Strawberry and Orange fountain

Saturday 30th June
Sirloin steak with merlot glaze
Milawa chicken souvlaki
Paella catalana
Crab bucatini with saffron and tomato
Rotisserie chicken
Classic dark chocolate donuts
Milk chocolate and hazelnut donuts
Live Waffle Station with crispy Vanilla waffles, candy orange, strawberry compote, dried mango and coconut
Orange and milk chocolate fountain

Subject to change without notice