December Dinner Features in Melba

Friday 1st  December
Honey glazed ham
Roasted turkey toasted cinnamon and cranberry
Potato Gnocchi pecorino & truffle sauce
Squid ink linguini with calamari
Tempura  prawns with ponzu sauce  
Greek style lemon potatoes
Grand marnier & orange chocolate tart
Nutella frangelico Éclairs
Traditional fruit mince tarts

Saturday 2nd December
Chilled Coffin bay scallops
King Crab Brandy cocktail sauce
Bourbon glazed turkey with cornbread stuffing
Pineapple glazed ham
Marinated waygu beef steak with porcini mushroom sauce
Prawn shu Mai housemade dumplings
New Zearland Mussel and Diamond clam chowder
Saturday night donut buffet:
Strawberry and cream donuts
Mint chocolate and red velvet crumble
Lindt chocolate station
Waffles made to order with Oreos crumb and triple chocolate crunchy balls

Sunday 3rd December
Baked leg of ham with mandarin glaze
Confit turkey leg, confit shallots
Wok Singapore chilli crab
Crab claw and celeric roumoularde
Mooloolaba prawn maki
Roasted wagyu topside with Yorkshire pudding
Traditional peking duck
Conagac cherry black forest mousse cake
Carrot cake with cheese frost mouse
Connoisseur ice creams


Monday 4th December
Oyster rockerfella
Pipe clay Oyster shots with Mojito
Spit roasted lamb with rosemary and fig
Turkey ballotine with cranberry stuffing
Honey and clove baked ham
Stir fried chicken with black fungus
Exotic naan breads with ricotta and truffle
Lamb kebab naan
Blueberry and triple sec cheesecake
Swiss chocolate and walnut brownie
Candy cane meringues

Tuesday 5th December
Grilled lobster with yuzu beurre blanc
Grilled lobster with chimmichuri
Grilled lobster no sauce
Lobster and pork Dumpling
Stout and brown sugar marinate beef sirloin
Spice rubbed roast turkey with roast summer vegetables
Peach glazed ham
Grilled eel sushi roll
Marinated Sicilian sadine with tamasalata
Pumpkin gnocchi with Jamon serrano and manchego cheese
Chocolate terrine Poached rhubarb crumble
Christmas pudding pops

Wednesday 6th December
Grilled lobster with cognac cream
Grilled lobster with salsa verde
Grilled lobster no sauce
Braised Beef brisket Truffle white polenta
Roast turkey with brown sugar and mustard
Twice baked ham with carnberry glaze
Squid ink Linguini with cuttlefish
Southern Indian fish
Potato gratin with truffle oil and Gruyere cheese 
Twice cooked octopus and summer vegetables salad 
Baileys Irish Cream filled macarons
Walnut and sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce
Gingerbread egg nog tiramisu

Thursday 7th Decmeber
Glazed beef rib with bourbon BBQ Sauce
Spit roasted lamb with harissa  and smoked cinnamon
Roast turkey with chicken and apricot stuffing
Pineapple and honey glazed ham
Wok Singapore chilli crab
Pressed Cheese and spinach curry
Chicken pate and Congac
Local cheese selection from  Shaw river yarra valley and Hiedifarm 
Bitter choco and chocolate nibs éclair
Raspberry cream pudding pistachio crumble


Friday 8th December
Tempura Prawns, wasabi mayo
Roast turkey with lemon and parsley
Apricot glazed ham
Cauliflower gratin with Fontain cheese and truffle oil
Slow cooked whole lamb leg
Pork and chestnut dumpling
Potato gnocchi with pecorino and truffle cream sauce
Matcha tea opera
Lemon crème brulee tart
Chocolate candy cane truffles

Saturday 9thDecember
Roasted beef Wagyu topside with truffled polenta
Bourbon galzed ham
Cinnamon and honey glazed roast turkey
Confit sardine granny smith apple salad
Tandoori pork belly
Linguine with calamari with creamy wine sauce
Saturday night donut buffet:
Hazelnut and frangelico donuts
White chocolate & raspberry donuts
Vanilla waffles made to order with candy orange and strawberry compote
Connoisseur ice creams


Sunday 10th December
Spit roasted lamb with sumac garlic
Turkey with truffle honey and orange zest
Twice cooked leg of ham
Char grilled Tuna marinated in lemongrass
Naan bread with truffle, wild mushrooms and cottage cheese
Naan bread with Butter chicken
Sugar and vodka spice cured salmon on cucumber 
Mussel and clam chowder
Cinnamon poach pear and peach crumble
Chocolate terrine

Monday 11th December
Oysters Kilpatrick
Rotisserie chicken marocan spiced
Honey glazed ham
Garlic butter basted roast turkey
Mooloolaba Prawn cocktails
Chilli calamari squid ink pasta
Spanish style orange and chilli pork belly
Blueberry and triple sec cheesecake
Mango daiquiri panna cotta

Tuesday 12th December
Grilled lobster Thermidor
Grilled lobster with mango and chilli salsa
Grilled lobster with no sauce
Marinated beef sirloin
Crayfish tomato and congac bisque
Roast turkey with sage and walnut turkey
Baked ham with Greek style lemon potatoes
Grilled eel sushi roll
Raspberry crème brulee with pistachio crumble
White chocolate panna cotta
Traditional mince pies

Wednesday 13th December
Grilled lobster with saffron sauce 
Grilled lobster with lime mayonnaise
Grilled lobster with no sauce
Five spice pork belly with spiced apple sauce
Roast turkey with thyme and onion stufiing
Cranberry glazed ham truffle mash potato
Linguini with fresh basil and clams
Spinich & malai kofta
Southern Indian fish Curry
Fresh tuna nagri
Lemon crème brûlée
Belgum Chocolate truffle torte

Thursday 14th December
Barbecue slow roasted beef ribs
Rotisserie chicken with ginger glaze
Roast turkey with chestnut and apple
Orange and mustard glazed ham
Gnocchi with crumbed goats cheese
Spicy Mooloolaba prawn maki
Barramundi and prawn dumpling
Traditional black lentil and bean curry
Strawberry tarts
Belgium chocolate mud cake
Eggnog panna cotta 

Friday 15th December
Tempura Prawns yuzu and squid ink mayo
Maple glazed ham
Roast turkey with bread stuffing
Spit roasted lamb with rosemary and fig
Pork and prawn dumplings
Naan bread with butter chicken marsala
Naan bread with blue swimmer crab
Marinated Beef Sirloin
Matcha Tea opera
Eggnog brulee with ginger bread biscotti

Saturday 16th December      
Chilled King crab
Coffin bay scallops
Roast turkey with prunes and orange
Maple and bourbon glazed ham Grilled
steaks with dijon mustard
Red wine braised ox cheek with truffled polenta
Confit sardine granny smith apple saladLinguini ai frutti di mare
Saturday night donut buffet:
Orange meringue donuts
Nutella and Tim Tam donut
Waffles made to order with Cadbury chocolates, citrus curd, chocolate dust


Sunday 17th December
Roasted wagyu topside onion gravy and Yorkshire pudding
Slow roasted turkey with cinnamon orange glaze 
Peach glazed ham  
Southwest Indian chicken curry
Traditional peking duck
Mussel and clam chowder
Seared wagyu nigiri sushi
70% cocoa éclair
Poached rhubarb and vanilla crumble

Monday 18th December
Baked Oyster with dry vermouth béarnaise
Pasta rigatoni with braised duck and orange ragout
Roasted turkey breast with peach compote
Honey and clove glazed
ham Roasted beef rib infused with spices
Sweet potato gratin asiago cheese
Pressed cheese and spinach curry
Mulled wine mousse
Blood orange & Belgium chocolate Tart


Tuesday 19th December
Grilled lobster with roasted capsicum butter
Grilled lobster with sauce choron
Grilled lobster no sauce
Spit roasted lamb with hazelnut and fig
Pork and prawn shi mai
Butter chicken masala
Roast Turkey, cornbread stuffing
Pineapple glazed ham
Grilled eel sushi roll
Peach Melba with raspberry sorbet
Salted caramel éclair


Wednesday 20th December
Grilled lobster with champagne and chervil cream
Grilled lobster with anchovy butter
Grilled lobster no sauce
Chicken churrasco with cumin mint yogurt
Whole roast turkey with cranberry sausage stuffing
Double smoked ham
Dauphoise potato with gryere cheese
Potato gnocchi pecorino with truffle sauce
Whole barramundi with lemongrass and ginger
Double espresso macarons
Spiced star anise and cinnamon rum balls


Thursday 21st December
Peking style pork ribs
Spit roasted leg of lamb with a spicy harissa  
Roast turkey with sage and onion
Orange and spice glazed roasted leg of ham
Pumpkin gnocchi with mushrooms and pancetta
Pomegranate and couscous salad
Beet and spice cured salmon on horseradish cream fraiche 
Yuletide trifle
Valrhona chocolate self saucing pudding

Friday 22nd December
Tempura prawns with ginger yuzu
Slow braised brisket and truffle mash
Roasted crown of turkey with cranberry jus
Baked ham with brown sugar and mustard
Seared salmon Nagri wasabi mayo
Butter chicken naan bread
Smoky chicken tikka naan bread
Tagliatelle with basil and crumbled ricotta
Lobster and kiffer lime chowder Chocolate mince Christmas pies
Port wine infuse sultana bread and butter pudding


Saturday 23rd December
Chilled King crab
Coffin bay scallops with calypso sauce
Honey and clove spiked leg of ham
Bourbon glazed turkey, cranberry sausage stuffing
Grilled beef bavette with cider jus
Spinach & malai kofta
Potato gnocchi  brussels sprouts, aged pecorino and truffle cream
Confit sardine granny smith apple salad
Saturday night donut buffet:
Christmas Cinnamon donuts  
Peanut butter chocolate glaze donuts
Waffles made to order with berry compote and matcha ganache


Sunday 24th December – Christmas Eve
Marinated scallops
King prawns
Oysters natural
Blue swimmer crab
Green lip mussels
Moreton Bay bugs
Sashimi, nigiri and nori roll with tuna, salmon, unagi, calamari, prawns, Tobiko caviar & vegetarian
Scallop fettuccine
Five-spiced duck pancake
Char Sui Pork
Cider and honey roast leg of lamb
Ginger stir fry crab
Char kway teow
Peri peri prawns
Butter chicken curry
Tandoori pork belly
Kahlua & cream brownies
Salted caramel apple tarts
Chocolate eclairs
Connoisseur ice-creams
Lindt chocolate fountain
Cheese board

Monday 25th December - Christmas Dinner
Queensland king prawns
South Australia Pacific oysters with bloody Mary sauce
Oysters kilpatrick Scallop and celery salad
Blue swimmer crab
Fresh water yabbies
Green lip mussels
Sashimi & nigiri featuring tuna, salmon, unagi, calamari, prawns, tobkio caviar and vegetarian
Butternut pumpkin soup
Tasmanian crayfish & French morel mushroom dumpling
Harvey Bay scallops and Spencer Gulf dumpling
Butter chicken curry
Tandoori Pork Belly
Linguine with pancetta & mushroom
Kung pao chicken
Prime rib of beef with Yorkshire puddings
Turkey breast with cranberry sauce
Honey glazed leg of ham
Asian five spiced roasted duck pancakes
Candy Cane & Red Velvet Trifle
Gingerbread Caramel Swirl Cupcake
Chocolate Mince Pies
Christmas Crumble Pies
Sticky fig and butterscotch soufflé
Gundowring ice creams
Strawberry chocolate fountain
Cheese board

Tuesday 26th December
Grilled lobster with Vietnamese mint
Grilled lobster with xo sauce
Grilled lobster with no sauce
Confit turkey leg
Maple honey and mustard glazed ham
Marinated beef Sirloin
Crab claw and celeric roumoularde
Pipeclay and Merimbula Sydney rock oysters
Pork and chestnut dumpling
Hazelnut  and frangelico choux
Gingerbread eggnog tiramisu


Wednesday 27th December
Grilled lobster with citrus butter
Grilled lobster with smoked tomato fondue
Grilled lobster with no sauce
Roast turkey with lemon and parsley
Baked ham with orange glaze
Roasted cube roll with roasted garlic butter
Minted new potatoes
Roasted cauliflower fontaina cheese herb crust
Raspberry crème brulee with pistachio crumble
Pink Murray River salted caramel Macarons


Thursday 28th December
Sticky pork ribs
Rotisserie lamb with roasted garlic
Spice rubbed roast turkey
Honey balsamic baked ham
Sugar and Vodka spice salmon on cucumber 
Squid ink Linguini with cuttlefish
Marinated Sicilian sardine
Orange Spanish pork belly
Yuzu walnut brownie
Belgium chocolate éclair


Friday 29th December
Tempura Prawn sweet ginger sauce
Roast Turkey with cornbread stuffing
Honey baked ham with spiced apples
Szechuan pink salt calamari with roasted garlic aioli
Marinated beef Sirloin
Naan bread with truffle, wild mushrooms and cottage cheese
Naan bread with butter chicken
Raspberry cream pana cotta
Chocolate candy cane truffles


Saturday 30th December
Apricot and mustard glazed ham
Herb roasted turkey
Confit sardine granny smith apple salad
Marinated beef steak and béarnaise sauce
Southern Indian fish curry
Seared salmon Nagri wasabi mayo
Chicken and calabrese linguine
Saturday night donut buffet:
Chocolate hazelnut donuts donuts
White chocolate & raspberry donuts
Made to order waffles with Belgian chocolate fudge Sauce

Sunday  31st  December
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Menus subject to change without notice